Our Alumni

Check out the Canby Football Touchdown Club Alumni!  Did you graduate from CHS and play college football?  Send us a photo with your name, position, CHS graduation year, and what college you played at to!

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Jacob Strand

Jacob Strand, OL

Canby Grad 2022 | Oregon State
Mikey Gibson

Mikey Gibson, QB

Canby Grad 2022 | Western Oregon
colin kennedy. edited

Colin Kennedy, OL

Canby Grad 2022 | Pacific Luthren
nate bailey.edited

Nate Bailey, TE

Canby Grad 2022 | American River College

Chance Miller, WR

Canby Grad 2021 | Portland State
Ronan Gay

Ronan Gay, WR

Canby Grad 2020 | Portland State
Tony Kraus

Tony Kraus, DL

Canby Grad 2016 | Linfield
Devon Fortier

Devon Fortier, RB

Canby Grad 2015 | Western Oregon
Austin Taylor

Austin Taylor, DB

Canby Grad 2014 | George Fox
AJ Schlatter edited

AJ Schlatter, LB

Canby Grad 2014 | Portland State
Sam Bodine

Sam Bodine, LB

Canby Grad 2014 | Portland State
Evan Sanders

Evan Sanders, QB

Canby Grad 2011 | South Dakota School of Mines
Josh Yoder

Josh Yoder, QB

Canby Grad 2010 | Linfield
Michael Doman

Micheal Doman, DL

Canby Grad 2010 | BYU
Brian Widing

Brian Widing, QB

Canby Grad 2009 | Willamette
Laurence Calcagno

Laurence Calcagno, LB

Canby Grad 2009 | Southern Oregon
Burk Ellis

Burke Ellis, OL

Canby Grad 2007 | Oregon State
Brandon Harms

Brandon Harms, DB

Canby Grad 2006 | Pacific University
Shawn Doman

Shawn Doman, DL

Canby Grad 2005 | BYU
Dan Lever

Dan Lever, RB

Canby Grad 2005 | Linfield
Joe Seifert

Joe Seifert, TE

Canby Grad 2004 | Linfield
Sam Doman

Sam Doman, QB

Canby Grad 2004 | Oregon

Brett Rhodes, OL

Canby Grad 2003 | Western Oregon
Ed Brown

Ed Brown, TE

Canby Grad 2003 | Weber State
Ross Doman

Ross Doman, DB

Canby Grad 2002 | Dixie State
Derik Devine

Derek Divine, QB

Canby Grad 2002 | Marshall, NFL Roster with Redskins and Seahawks
Zach Gerster

Zach Gerstner, RB

Canby Grad 1999 | Idaho
Albert Meza

Albert Meza, DB

Canby Grad 1997 | Western Oregon

Camden McFarland, OL

Canby Grad 1994 | Western Oregon

Brandon McFarland, LB

Canby Grad 1996 | Western Oregon

Jon Millbrooke, WR

Canby Grad 1993 | Western Oregon
Troy Lucas

Troy Lucas, OL

Canby Grad 1991 | Montana

Ty Kraft, Kicker

Canby Grad 1990 | Oregon State

Josh Finck, LB

Canby Grad 1990 | Willamette
Ed Netter

Ed Netter

Canby Grad 1989 | Linfield

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